Sunday, 8 June 2008

What a Lovely Day...and Pleeeease Cross your fingers For Us

Well what a lovely day it's been!
We woke up to the sun breaking through and an hour later we were heading down to Par in Cornwall.
The roads were pretty much deserted so it was a dream journey down and we arrived at the "Duck Pond" to the raucous calls of the hundreds of birds that gather there.
We had a leisurely stroll over the nearby sand dunes and a wander on the beach along Par Sands and we realised we were starving !
So we went up to "Snowies" (a local campsite) and into Miss Tees cafe for some welcome food.
While we were at Snowies we got chatting and found out there is a massive caravan for sale so we belted over to the sales office only to find it shut as we had forgotten about it being Sunday ! There were pics posted in the window so we rang the number and it looks hopeful that we will be able to get it....and all we meant to do was go for a drive !!!!
After more walking (and stopping for hellos and chats to all and sundry along the way) we finally headed home. (where we are sat with everything crossed !)
So what the heck has any of this to do with crafting? Well nothing really...I just thought I would let you know I do get out now and again LOL !....and to ask you all pleeeeese will you cross your fingers as well for us to get the caravan...
We are so lucky to live 50mins away from such a beautiful part of the world.
As I said at the beginning....what a lovely day.

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kerry said...

Hi RubyMay, thank you for popping by my blog & for your most lovely comments.
Love your fab blog too!

Kerry xxx
p.s. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!