Wednesday, 28 May 2008

And Now For something Different....

...but not that different ! Here's a little scrapbook made from my grandson Josh's jig-saw which he had outgrown.
The pieces have been painted with acrylic paint and embellished with fibres and a feather. A hole was made through each piece with a crop-a-dile and the pieces threaded onto a book ring. Vellum words and little stickers were added. Special mini photos are hidden in the "pages" and when it is not hanging on my wall it is swinging from my handbag !

ATC Holder (With Instructions)

Just add some ribbons to your mini book and ....hey have an ATC holder !

The mini book used here measures 4"x4" and can take ATCs which are landscape or portrait.
I was delighted to be chosen as guest designer on "easy craft projects" for this month where my design for a book using up your flimsy cards was shown. To make one of my mini books go to Please enjoy... and I would be thrilled to hear back from you and see what you have made.
(you will need adobe reader to download the instructions. )

Monday, 26 May 2008

Book On Book

Here is a book on book...the smaller one is made using the Bigshot after seeing a folded tag cut out in a demo on TV. As soon as I saw it I knew there was a book waiting to be here it is!
The larger book is made from mountboard which I stamped with black Stazon and coloured with gold Krylon and red acrylic. The tassle (plus bead) was added to the spine through holes made with a crop-a-dile. The pages were inserted and then embellished.

This is another view of the book showing the pages open. I hope you like it and also I hope I have inspired you to "have a go" !

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Who Lives in a House like This....?

I started out to make a house with the doors opening to show our Lisa and Lucy... but I am not sure if the idea has really worked .
Anyway, it just goes to show not everything turns out as planned and I hope you like it anyway
( It measures six inches high and two and a half inches wide when closed)

Monday, 19 May 2008

Hello Crafters...

Well its been hectic again but I have managed a bit of crafting....and a lot of planning !
I cant claim to be 65 anymore as I hit 66 last week but do I care ? No is the answer to that, as life is great, and I haven't got time to mope about when there's all that craft stash waiting to be played with !!!! lol
Hopefully there will be some new pics soon.
In the meantime....hasta la vista baby....I'll be back .....

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Three Little Books

Here are three little books I made using the same technique.

I make all my own scrapbooks and vary the sizes and shapes.

The front and back can be covered with paper, fabric or even that special piece of crossstitch you have done.

They make simple little scrapbook gifts too.
For details of how to make my books please go to where you will find my easy to follow instructions......enjoy!

Showing construction...

This pic shows the book with the spine splayed open showing how I constructed it.

It gives access behind the pages for you to attach brads, ribbons ,eyelets etc.

Pages Ready for Scrapping

This is the same book with the pages got ready for me to add some pics of my garden.

One of My Books

Well its been "busy, busy, busy" with the family calling by over the holidays but here is a pic of a book I made beforehand. Hope you like it

Friday, 2 May 2008

Demo at Di's tomorrow

I called in Di's at Eldercrafts on my way to Maggies
and there is a demo of alchohol inks tomorrow.
Shall I go see....?
Ooo.... it's so tempting.
I know if I do I will buy half the shop
and I do so want a bind-it-all.
Lets face it my wish-list gets longer every day!

Portia Says.........

" If she stroked me as much as she strokes that lot I'd be bald by now ! "

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Books Galore...and more

Well yesterdays plans went out of the window !
The idea was to make a book, take some pics, send them to and then just generally loll about.

Since when did I take out my stash of goodies and them put them away again without suddenly going off at a tangent and trying out "something new " ?
There was stash scattered all over the house but considering its stored all over the house thats not much of a surprise.

But did I have a good time ? bet I did ....
I made three books and loads of notes on new ideas...the start of a new, quite exciting, "flash of inspiration" project... and once I got the camera going I was flashing everywhere.......but strictly in the best possible taste lol !

The only down side was doing some scanning and sending it to myself on the other pute. The scanner is attached to the ancient old PC which is jam packed with crafting stuff. It crawls along and creaks and groans but I know exactly where everything is. My new smart lap-top on the other hand flies like a bird ......but a bit like a bird that doesnt quite know where its going !

Well enough of all this natter....a new day is dawning and it looks like its going to be sunny so I am going to have a day in town and a stroll down to my friend Maggie's cafe for a chin wag. It will be hectic tomorrow as it's the start of "holiday houseful" time ! ( May Day and all that ! ) I will post some more pics later. BB