Thursday, 5 June 2008

Jacob's Wooden Book....Altered !

When I told my grandson Jacob that Josh's jigsaw was on here, made into a mini book, he ran off and came back with a little wooden book for me to "play" with.
One of the pages was damaged but it left 4 to do something with so I cut off the cord holding it together and set about altering the pages.
I painted them and added the roses (cut out of wrapping paper) and photo-copied some poetry to put on them.
I covered them with 2 coats of PVA glue and when they were dry I scuffed them up a bit as I figured that the pages would scuff anyway when they were tied together!
........ But as you can see they haven't been "tied" together yet as I cant make my mind up what to do...I've tried book rings, ribbons and cord but didn't like any of that so I am still thinking about it..... Heeeelp.....!!!!!!

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Laura said...

Perhaps a soft feminine touch to go with the beauty of the pages...torn strips of floral fabric, slightly fringed on the edges, with a tiny silver charm dangling! I'll come back and see what you've come up with. What did Jacob think of you turning the book into a girlie book?