Friday, 13 June 2008

Ribbon Box

Well a right old tangle of ribbons got me up the pole trying to sort it out, so I have done something I've been meaning to do for ages...I've made a ribbon box (out of an old shoe box) I know its been done before ...but not by me lol. I had loads of odds and ends to play with from my tidy up this morning so I got the "bits" together and had a go at doing something with it all rather than throw it away.
I think I quite like it and it works a treat (in spite of me threading loads of lengths through each hole) I took the box apart before doing it and found it easy to do as it really didn't matter how it turned out as long as it "worked".
I could do with making a couple more of them for the rest of the ribbon mound I will be forced to buy some new shoes now....oh ain't life!

I think I will put this on the ArtyGirlz re-cycling challenge cos I did recycle the box !


voodoo vixen said...

Its lovely! What pretty colours and practical too!

crissi said...

fab idea for recycling Rubymay the box is gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing and joining in with the Arty Girlz on going recycling challenge.