Tuesday, 17 June 2008



After posting an ATC I've managed to finish another entry for the "Balloons" Layers of Colour Challenge as well.

I've been blown away by the amazing little works of art everyone has made. I've thoroughly enjoyed buzzing from blog to blog and dropping in. I've said hello where I could.... and to the ones who didn't hear from me...well thats down to my non-existent computer skills I'm afraid....but I'm getting there bit by bit! Thanks everyone for a magical journey !


Clau said...

Clever idea to use a gem as a balloon. Beautiful!

Laura said...

It's so beautiful, RubyMay! I love the blend of soft colors and strong colors. So lovely! It's wonderful that you visit others blogs and comment. It's a gift to others to encourage and lift them up. Bravo!

Rosie said...

Beautiful work Rubynay! And thanks for your comment re: homeschooling. It's a big decision, but then life is meant to be lived Big when you're young, innit?!!

RubyMay said...

Congratulations Clau x