Friday, 6 June 2008

Sweet Nothings

The cord is wrapped around a brad which was raised by putting the "legs" through a flat bead before pushing it through the cover and fixing.

The inside back cover looks a mess but it will be covered by the last page when it is glued in place

I've been asked about cutting mountboard and if I have a special cutter. Well all I use is a trimmer and a craft knife. If you run the trimmer blade across the mountboard you can then bend it (as your trimmer will not cut deep enough to go all the way through) and make it into a cover (front, back and spine) or you can slide your craft knife through the partial cut ( just gently draw it through a couple of times till it parts) and use the pieces for a front and back.I took a pic of this and it seemed a shame to waste the mountboard so...that's how I ended up making this book !

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