Friday, 30 January 2009

Photo Tagged !!!!!

I've been tagged by Ali, Beryl, and Rosie....and they all want me to find the 6th photo in the 6th file of my here it is....
This was taken at a friends farm where we quite often pitch a tent and chill out would have to be a bit warmer than it is now though !
I have to pass this on to 6 others....who also have to pass it on...
Well I'll add to this post tomorrow when I've had time to look might be you.......! Lol x

Here goes then....I am passing this on to....Indybev,Kathy,Pascale,Kelly,Sue and Buffy.....I hope you all join in and have fun guys! No pressure though....remember this is just for fun so if for any reason you aren't able, to then thats ok...!


Beryl said...

Looks a lovely place to take a break. Thanks for sharing with us.
Beryl xx

Claudette said...

someone tagged me from another to show a photo that I would never have put on my blog otherwise. Fun kind of tag, enjoyed seeing your photo as I've been surfing the sites.