Wednesday, 29 April 2009

"On The Beach" for Mixed Media monday

I'm afraid crafting is a bit slow and erratic at the moment as I've done my back in, so I've been spending most of my time feeling sorry for myself, and cuddling a hot water bottle....!
I've managed to finish a 4x4 for Rosie's "Beach" theme at MixedMediaMonday and hopefully I can get some more things finished soon.
The "sand" is silicone glue covered with gold dauber. The "waves" are strips of scalloped card, edged with ink and layered. And the image, which I tinted with ink, is from the Bill Blanton archives.
I was hoping to think up a witty caption for this but nope I think my brain has gone the same way as my back...Lol!
Thanks for popping by x


Anonymous said...

RubyMay, this is gorgeous! I'm so sorry to hear about your back - I know how horrid that is. Take it slowly and spoil yourself for a while. Diane

AliMayes said...

I love your bathing beauty RubyMay. Sorry to hear about your back but it obviously hasn't affected your artistic talent! I hope you're better very soon.
Ali xx

Sunnie said...

RubyMay, I so am glad you found the tut for Mile-A-Minute on my Patchwork Pie blog!
I believe a simple technique opens the door to great creativity.
Although I have to keep a tight rein on myself craft-wise, and try to concentrate on quilting, I love to see all sorts of altered everythings, and LOVE your blog!

paru's_circle said...

great number.. hope your back gets better soon!

Beryl said...

This is fantastic Ruby May, especially the sea - it's so realistic.
Sorry to hear you've been suffering with your back and I do hope it's better soon.
Beryl xx

Lisa said...

Sorry about your back. Take care.
I like the way you made the waves--great technique.

Rosie said...

Hi Rubymay!! So sorry to hear you've hurt your back... you have my sympathy mate!! I love your 4x4 - clever girl layering the card to make waves - cool!
Living in Cornwall is wonderful, sunny and a happy place to be, thanks! Once next Tuesday has come and gone, we'll be bale to get into it properly! xoxoxo

Sandy said...

Wow this is so beautiful.
Fantastic beach piece. Love them.

voodoo vixen said...

Beautiful Bathing Beauty Ruby May!! Hope the back feels heaps better soon, till then, play when you can and cuddle the hot water bottle!! (the idea of cuddling a hot water at the moment is totally un-appealing, its 38 degrees here)!!

Dawn said...

Rubymay this is awesome - what a fantastic idea for the sand - love it!!