Friday, 13 February 2009

Tomato Puree (Paste) Tube Makes!

A couple of people asked how I made my malagro heart so I hope this explains.
1 First pic shows what tools you need and a clean tomato puree (paste) tube(cut off the top and bottom and split up one side to open) stamped with a simple shape stamp
2 Use a 2.5mm tool to emboss (from the stamped side) in the middle of the stamped flower using strokes like you would when doing parchment craft...the metal will stretch and start to bulge
3 Make a groove with the smaller ball tool beside the stamping then turn over to the front and emboss in the grooves to make them deeper...this gives a ridge
4 Cut out your piece and fill the back with silicone glue to stop it from collapsing when you apply colour...or whatever you want to do.
5 I've also shown some strips of freehand work and pricking...the silver strip was gold but has been coloured with a silver pen.
6 Finally here is my milagro heart before it was cut out and coloured with permanent marker.
(All work was done on a mat similar to a mousemat)
Well thats about it then...I hope you enjoy having a go !
FOOTNOTE....I cut out using large scissors as I found small ones leave a jagged edge...but its up to you... whatever you prefer.
If your metal is crinkled when you open the tube out run a brayer over it and the soft metal flattens down nicely.


Dawn said...

Wow Rubymay these are gorgeous -!

tammy vitale said...

Such patience! One more question - you cut it out with regular scissors? And I guess I have to go find a tomato paste tube because I don't know that I've ever seen one. Expanding my horizons in all different directions!

RubyMay said...

Oooops ! I forgot to say about the cutting out!....yes... just done using scissors...I use large ones as using small ones leaves a jagged edge ! Thanks for asking Tammy x

Heather Robinson said...

Oh wow! So glad you described how you did this because it is an amazing technqiue!

sandidune said...

FAb tutorial - love it...will be using up my tomatoe n garlic paste to try it!

Gaby Bee said...

Fabulous description! Thanks for sharing this technique with us!
Gaby xo

Jennifer said...

WOW! Thanks for this, I get through loads of tomato puree and have never thought of reusing the tubes.
Jen x