Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Daft or what ....!

I've been crafting away and thought I'd post what I've done only to find I've left my camera down at the caravan! It means a 104 mile round trip to get it and as we are going down there at the weekend I thought I'd try to borrow one...but no one is brave enough to let me play with their super duper cameras ( and who can blame them ...Lol !) so I am challenge-less at the mo .
I did have a brainwave though...I thought I would put on some pics of the campsite....but then I realised they are still in the camera....daft or what ?!!!
Happy crafting everyone....!


Dawn said...

Hi Rubymay
Oh there's nothing more annoying than not being able to upload pics!


Jane said...

Ohhh Rubymay, this did make me chuckle, not by the fact of leaving the camera in the caravan, but at the humour you have allowed to show through on your post LOL