Friday, 1 August 2008

Cuttlebug Tip ....!

Here is a way of having two tone paper when embossing with your Cuttlebug.

Using a brayer,roll ink (I used pigment ink) over the debossed (indented) side on the inside of your Cuttlebug folder. Place cardstock inside as normal and put through your Cuttlebug as usual. Hey presto...and its done !
Ink can be cleaned off your folder, after use, with baby wipes.
(This doesn't seem to work very well if you don't use a brayer)
Hope you like this tip....if you do I'll post a few more...!

I am wondering what black card would look like if I use versamark ink and emboss it in gold....I may have another play later......


Dawn said...

Hi Ruby
Love the colouring tip and yes I have done the embossed thing and it is brilliant, cover you're card in your embossing ink, run through the CB then emboss with powder - turned out brilliant.


RubyMay said...

wow ...thanks Dawn ! yippee...I can deffo have a play now.....!

Dawn said...

Me again!

You've been tagged! Details on my blog!!
Have a nice weekend



voodoo vixen said...

Oooh, I think I need to try this out Ruby - it looks beautiful!!

RubyMay said...

Oooo...Thanks Dawn ! I am off to the caravan in a minute so I will post on Sunday evening when I get back x

Rosie said...

Oh that's clever! I'm gonna try this... soon! I also dry-brush paint over the embossed cs - gives texture and tone. Go see Carol's Creative Expressions (my sidebar) for some very impressive use of the Cuttlebug, if you like?!!!

Congrats on finding your sister - wow! I'll get round to the tagging bit soon!

RubyMay said...

Hi rosie...I've been over to your blog and sorry I cant find Carols blog anywhere...can you give me a clue ......!