Sunday, 6 July 2008

What a Weekend .....!

We've been down to the caravan and we fully intended to make a start on the wonderful(?) garden we have planned for outside but it has been absolutely foul weather so we sat in the caravan listening to the wind howling, the sea roaring and the rain doing taps on the roof ! Still, it didnt matter too much with it being so cosy inside the van.
We left in torrential rain, after waiting a couple of hours hoping it would stop, so it was pretty hairy driving back...especially when we ended up in what seemed like miles of flood water. The police were there, thank goodness, and it was reassuring to hear a young one say "just take it nice and gently and you'll be OK" My DH is my hero today because I dont mind admitting that I was having kittens, but he drove us through it all as calm as you like.
The weekend hasnt been a complete washout though (!) as I just happened to have about my person a few jewellery making items so I have been playing with something different. I will post some pics tomorrow...I hope you've all had a crafty weekend.


Carol said...

Glad you got home safetly
I agree rotten weather for this time of year


RubyMay said...

Thank you so much Carol....I am pleased to say my face is no longer a "whiter shade of pale " !