Monday, 28 July 2008

Awards !

I have been overwhelmed with three lovely awards...thank you so much x
I was given the blogging buddies award by the lovely Dawn ...thanks hon...and I am passing it on to Faye...Trudie...Hermine...Heather...and Carole  Thanks for your friendship guys x
Please pass on your awards to 5 other buddies x
I was given the Stempel Award by Beryl who as you know makes the most beautiful cards. Thank you so much Beryl....what a wonderful surprise. I am in turn awarding it to five people who inspire me when I visit their blogs. Thank you also for coming to visit me.  I would like to give it to Rosie...Dawn...Hilda ...Sandy... and Char ...Love you  guys !
Please pass on this award to 5 people who brighten your day x
The Wylde Women award was very kindly given to me by Cynthia ...who you all know as "Rainbow Lady" This award can be passed on to one person...or a hundred ....and is for being generous (for instance with your ideas or time) towards other crafters. Thank you so much Cynthia. I would like to give this award to you all ....
....but I will award it to Annette....Voodoo Vixen... because she has encouraged me from the early days of my blog with her lovely comments and her witty remarks.
Annette...Please put a link to Tammy Vitale so that she can come and visit your wonderful blog and you hers x
Tammy Vitale initiated this award to thank other women for their inspiration,love and support. Please visit her blog for a mind blowing experience. You should be able to get there by clicking on...."women, Art, Life, Weaving It All Together" which is in "my favs" I'm sorry I don't know how to put a link on here.
Footnote...(I have been trying to work out how to do a link since Monday and will keep trying.....)


Stempelchaotin said...

Thanks for this award. I´m very honored.

herminesplace said...

Thank you so much Rubymay, I am very honored.

Char said...

A great big thank you for this award. Was thoughtful of you to think of sending it to me.

Dawn said...

Aww thanks Rubymay - that is so kind of you.



hilmof said...

Thanks so much Ruby May for the brilliant award

Hugs Hilda

Faye said...

Thanks, RubyMay, for the award! You were thoughtful to think of me.

voodoo vixen said...

Yikes!! Thank you Ruby!! Its only taken me 52 years to become a Wild Woman... (in your dreams DH) - oh... its Wylde Woman... oh but its so pretty!! Thanks Ruby!!