Friday, 15 May 2009

Photo for ABAA

A few days at the caravan with no stairs to climb seems to have sorted my bad back out, thank goodness.... I finally finished my piece for ABAA and, hopefully, I've made the deadline by the skin of my teeth !
We were challenged to make a piece using a photo of Jaqi's aunt. I dont know why but as soon as I saw the photo I had the old Marie Lloyd song "Don't Dilly Dally" buzzing around in my I've written some of the words on the sides.
The fabric is Anna Griffin and the photo was tinted with a mix of stamp cleaner and pink acrylic paint as it was too glossy and I wanted to make it matte.
Darned if I could spot the bird so I stamped one...! (clever Patty spotted where it is though...!)
Hope you like it !


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What a lovely and feminine piece RubyMay! I didn't know Anna Griffin had fabric too = so pretty and perfect how you used it!

Raggy said...

I just love this piece RubyMay, especially the hanging beadwork.
So glad your back feels a lot better.

Rosie said...

What a clever use of the photo - the result is so pretty and the pink shading so delicate. We're very glad you joined in our challenge and hope you will take part again.
Rosie ABAA

Jaqi said...

Hi Ruby May , I love this , its so feminine, By now you will know that the little parrot is sitting on her left shoulder, something even I hadnt seen until this challenge. Hope you enjoyed the caravan , and hope your back is ok now, Thank you for working with my Aunts picture, Jaqi

Linda said...

Very pretty...and quite different from the other entries. Thank you for putting your interpretation on our challenge.
Best wishes
Linda ABAA
(PS Hope you've found the bird now....)

Dawn said...

Hiya Rubymay
wow it's been a while since my last visit - this is gorgeous , great texture

Off to have a catch up now

Sorry to hear you have had a bad back - it's not nice at all..

Ruthie Powers said...

RubyMay, thanks for the positive comments on my blog. I am mostly in the fiber and quilt world so am fascinated by the paper and stamp world. I am going to follow your blog. See you. Ruthie and

Susie Jefferson said...

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your blog, and to give you this blog award if you'd like to collect it:

Keep up the good work!