Wednesday, 8 October 2008

"Farewell" to "Layers of Colour " challenge

The challenge on "Layers of Colour" this week is "Farewell" as Laura is extending her wonderful stamp selection and is starting on a new journey into the business world. As Laura puts it...she is following her star. I want to wish this wonderfully kind and talented artist my very best wishes.....and my thanks for her kind comments.
I made my card by writing the words and printing them... I then masked them and stamped around the edges with Lauras L.O.C. "Fleur" stamps...first in the darker colour and then overlaid with a paler one.
I hope you like it !


stardustgemsandribbon said...

Beautiful card and a gorgeous colour.
Thanks for your comment.

Laura said...

RubyMay...big hugs!! Aw, my heart swells with joy from so much love! It's beautiful and touching. I've been so blessed to meet you and be able to share art with you. I look forward to continuing to do so through our art blogs. A huge "Thank You!" for the lovely personal farewell!

Squeezes, Laura

Rosie said...

That's brilliant mate! I love the personal poem - you clever stick, you!!

Faye said...

RubyMay, this is really gorgeous.

carolann said...

Beautifull card hun well done xxxxx