Thursday, 1 May 2008

Books Galore...and more

Well yesterdays plans went out of the window !
The idea was to make a book, take some pics, send them to and then just generally loll about.

Since when did I take out my stash of goodies and them put them away again without suddenly going off at a tangent and trying out "something new " ?
There was stash scattered all over the house but considering its stored all over the house thats not much of a surprise.

But did I have a good time ? bet I did ....
I made three books and loads of notes on new ideas...the start of a new, quite exciting, "flash of inspiration" project... and once I got the camera going I was flashing everywhere.......but strictly in the best possible taste lol !

The only down side was doing some scanning and sending it to myself on the other pute. The scanner is attached to the ancient old PC which is jam packed with crafting stuff. It crawls along and creaks and groans but I know exactly where everything is. My new smart lap-top on the other hand flies like a bird ......but a bit like a bird that doesnt quite know where its going !

Well enough of all this natter....a new day is dawning and it looks like its going to be sunny so I am going to have a day in town and a stroll down to my friend Maggie's cafe for a chin wag. It will be hectic tomorrow as it's the start of "holiday houseful" time ! ( May Day and all that ! ) I will post some more pics later. BB

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