Friday, 15 May 2009

Photo for ABAA

A few days at the caravan with no stairs to climb seems to have sorted my bad back out, thank goodness.... I finally finished my piece for ABAA and, hopefully, I've made the deadline by the skin of my teeth !
We were challenged to make a piece using a photo of Jaqi's aunt. I dont know why but as soon as I saw the photo I had the old Marie Lloyd song "Don't Dilly Dally" buzzing around in my I've written some of the words on the sides.
The fabric is Anna Griffin and the photo was tinted with a mix of stamp cleaner and pink acrylic paint as it was too glossy and I wanted to make it matte.
Darned if I could spot the bird so I stamped one...! (clever Patty spotted where it is though...!)
Hope you like it !

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Free For you

I own these cards and wondered if anyone can make use of them. If so please feel free to download them and use them. (If I've made a mistake and they can't be downloaded properly please let me know...fingers crossed as I'm not known for my computer skills ...Lol! )
I am still having problems with my back and I'm still struggling to sit crafting for very long, so as a thank you to everyone who has been so supportive through my year of blogging, I wondered if anyone would like one of the pieces on my blog and I will also send a little surprise with it.(Happy to post to anywhere!) Please leave a comment and if you would like something I will sort out addys and post an email addy to write to when I get back home. (We are at the caravan for the weekend)
Have a happy crafty weekend guys x